Winter Is Coming: Time For A Heating System Check

You wouldn’t set off on a long road trip without making sure your car is in good working order. It’s smart to apply the same logic for your home’s heating system. Winter is right around the corner so you’ll want to ensure your homes heating system is in good working order. Just like changing out the oil in your car, seasonal maintenance is recommended to ensure your heating and cooling system continues to work efficiently.

Although most HVAC systems are very dependable, it is recommended to have at least two system checks per year. By scheduling regular system checks, potential problems can be spotted early on, air quality can be improved or maintained, and in many cases expensive repairs can be avoided.

To help avoid the need for major system repairs, at a minimum, have your heating and cooling system checked annually. Failure to have your system checked can result in poor air quality and a less efficient system. In most cases, having regular HVAC maintenance performed saves energy and utility cost.

Seasonal maintenance is a necessity for keeping your heating and cooling system properly functioning. Don’t attempt to make major repairs to your system unless you’re a trained professional or an experienced do-it-yourselfer—you risk damaging your equipment.

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