Why Should I Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

Brething clean air from clean air ducts

The short answer is…because they’re dirty! The simple act of daily living in our homes influences indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning can help provide a healthier household. Dander, dust, chemicals and other contaminants accumulate in even the cleanest of homes and build up in ductwork over time as they recirculate through a home’s HVAC system. While plotting your home’s deep cleaning to-do list this spring, be sure to keep your air ducts in mind.

Factors that increase the need for Air Duct Cleaning

Pets: The buildup of dust, dander and other unwanted allergens can be greater when you have furry friends around. It only takes a quick run of the vacuum down a hall or through a room to get a visual of what could be collecting in your air ducts as you read this very sentence.

Indoor tobacco use: Formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are just two of the many dangerous chemicals contained in environmental tobacco smoke …better known as “secondhand smoke”. It’s a major indoor air pollutant. Try as you may but you cannot confine it to a single room. Smoke has the ability to creep and crawl through tiny cracks…and into your HVAC system. The sticky tar from tobacco can trap other chemicals, dust, and pollen in your air ducts. This accumulation of contaminants then circulates throughout your entire home each time you turn on your heating or cooling system.

Recent home renovation projects:  Another good reason to have your air ducts cleaned is if you recently renovated your home. Ensuring remaining fine particles from wood, sheetrock and even paint are swept away prevents them from constantly cycling through your indoor air for you and your family to inhale.

Water damage: Whether somewhere in the home or in the HVAC system itself, water damage can greatly affect indoor air quality. Coastal North Carolina is known for its humid conditions, which already creates a great environment for mold growth. Trust us when we say this is not guest you want to welcome in your home. Once tackling the root cause of the moisture issue, you’ll want to ensure your home goes through a thorough cleaning that includes your air ducts.

Family members with asthma or allergies: While a little dust and dander might not affect everyone, for those with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or particular environmental allergies, your dirty ducts might be harboring contaminants that could contribute to health issues. Air duct cleaning can help keep these contaminants at bay.

Additional benefits

If none of those factors are of concern for you, how about free money? Well, it’s not exactly free, but you could end up with more in your pocket each month when you have a clean HVAC system. Clean ducts keep your system from overworking which leads to more energy efficiency and a longer lifespan for your heating and cooling system.

If you’ve never sanitized your home or business central air system ducts as a part of routine HVAC maintenance, now is the ideal time to have it done. At All In One Services, we offer a comprehensive program to sanitize your central air and heat ducts for an overall healthier atmosphere in your home or business. Call us today at 910-343-1399. We carry full license and insurance and our air duct sanitizing program treats your entire heating and air conditioning system with a hospital-safe, airborne germicide that eliminates irritating pollutants where they breed.