Why Is My AC So Loud?

In the scorching summer season, you rely on your AC to keep you and your loved ones cold.

Is your noisy AC driving you crazy? All ACs make some noise; however, if your AC is abnormally loud or making unusual sounds, the unit might need replacement, maintenance, or repair. Read further to learn why your AC is making loud sounds.

Air Conditioning Noises Explained

Step one in troubleshooting your noisy AC issue includes identifying the kind of noise. Determining the kind of noise your AC is making will help narrow down what may be causing the issue. Here are a few of the various sounds you may be hearing and what every sound may mean:

● Banging: This sound is a sign that something from your AC unit has come loose, the compressor must be replaced or the blower is unbalanced.
● Buzzing: Buzzing may be an indication of several different problems, which includes loose debris or parts, an electrical problem, a blower is unbalanced or should be replaced, or there’s a leak in refrigerant.
● Clanking: Clanking probably is a sign of a loose part or unbalanced fan blade or blower.
● Clicking: While a single click when the AC powers on is nothing to be concerned with, constant clicking might be a sign of a problem with the compressor, an electrical issue, or an obstruction.
● Gurgling: You probably have a cracked or clogged drain line.
● Hissing: It’s a sign of a refrigerant leak.
● Humming: Usually, a humming sound is no cause for worries; however, it might be an indication of an electrical issue or loose parts vibrating.
● Rattling: A part likely came loose and is rattling around inside your air conditioning unit.
● Whistling: If there’s a high-pitched screaming, squealing, or whistling, immediately turn the AC off and seek professional assistance. You probably have a refrigerant leak or high pressure inside the compressor, which may be extremely dangerous if neglected.

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