What Can You Do Now Concerning the Phase Out of R-22 Refrigerant?

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Owning an R-22 HVAC unit does not necessarily mean you immediately require a new system. The law still permits the usage of this type of equipment. If you cannot replace your existing HVAC system right away, be certain to do the following:

Routine HVAC Maintenance

It is possible to prevent leaks of refrigerant in the first place through correct HVAC maintenance. Most leaks happen because of corrosion, which may result from accumulation of debris or dirt. Regularly cleaning condenser and evaporator coils will help to keep corrosion at bay.


Timely Repairs for Possible Refrigerant Leaks

Frozen coils, not enough cold air, and odd sounds are refrigerant leak symptoms. If you see those signs of HVAC problems, have a licensed HVAC tech come out inspect your unit as soon as possible. It is possible that there is only a small leak that the tech can still repair and seal.

Timely repairs will prevent more of the expensive R-22 refrigerant from leaking out. Then, this will help prolong the life of your R-22 AC unit.


What’s the Best Way to Address the Phase Out of R-22?

Granted, ACs will last between 15 – 20 years. Also, it’s among the reasons the HCFC-22 ban still permits for the usage of “recycled” R-22.

While it’s still possible to use your R-22 air conditioner despite the ban, it does not mean you should. Especially not if the existing AC is more than 10 years old. Apart from probably being an R-22 user, these types of old units are more susceptible to breaking down.

Over a period of time, the repairs for such HVAC issues add up to a significant amount. The repair expenses might be so high that it’ll make more sense to just invest in a new HVAC unit.

Older HVAC units are not as energy efficient as the new units. In replacing your R-22 HVAC model with an energy efficient unit, it’s possible to save 20 percent – 40 percent on cooling expenses. Those massive savings should be sufficient to make you think about investing in a new HVAC system.


It’s Time for a Change

The ban of R-22 refrigerant brings with it a plethora of changes which might impact your life as an HVAC owner. However, despite its monetary implications, the ban actually is good for the environment. That is why as early as right now, you ought to consider swapping out your old R-22-powered unit.

Are you prepared to invest in a more energy-efficient, eco-friendlier HVAC system? Then allow our team at All In One Services Heating and Air Wilmington NC to help!