What are the Different Types of Duct Work?

When it concerns picking the proper kind of duct work for your preferences, space, and budget, you have options. No matter your selection, assess the pros and cons of each kind.

Sheet Metal

Duct work is how cooled air gets carried from your AC unit through your house. In addition, duct work extracts stale air and is a kind of filtration system. The most commonly utilized kind of air duct work is sheet metal. It’s easily installed and is available in various sizes of thickness and shapes. The main pro is that sheet metal variants are the most durable kind of duct construction and are the least likely to experience mold growth.

Fiberglass Duct Board

Another choice for duct work material is Fiberglass Duct Board — the lowest cost choice for duct systems to install. It’s well insulated yet has the downside of mildew and mold overgrowth and its design surface inadvertently affects energy efficiency and airflow. Other advantages of this choice as an unforeseen perk is that it offers acoustical and thermal benefits. Its material design serves as a water vapor retardant, air barrier, and it is sealed in order to prevent fiberglass fibers from getting into the stream of air.


The final option for duct work is Flexible Air Ducts which also are lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive. The trick to this type of duct work is short lengths that minimalize bend. It is the easiest installation option and 2nd least expensive choice for duct work material. Keep in mind though, convenient installation does not mean it’s a smart DIY project. Air flow is critical for efficiency and it’ll take the proper type of training to ensure accuracy, particularly for this sort of duct work as they’ll impede air flow the most of all of the options; therefore, you really have to have a keen eye while installing.

When you’re prepared to install your AC system, call All in One to discover which kind of air duct is better for your business or home. Duct work isn’t a one size fits all; therefore, you should trust HVAC contractors at All in One.