Seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Seasonal HVAC maintenance could make a huge difference in your family’s comfort level this autumn. Getting your heating and air conditioning service before the big temperature drop prevents you from waking up, seeing your breath, and needing emergency maintenance down the road.

First, check to make sure all of your windows and doors are properly sealed. Even if your heating is functioning fully, you can lose a significant amount of heat through drafts. Another quick fix is checking and replacing your air filters. Air filtration systems should be cleaned out monthly to keep your home’s air clear and healthy. If you need a furnace filter replaced or gas furnace maintenance, best leave that to the professionals! Having gas furnace maintenance can prevent seriously harmful substances, like carbon monoxide and gas, from entering your home air system.

Heating and air conditioning service can also include shutting down your air conditioning system for the season, once it gets a little colder. Turning off your system perfectly preserves the equipment for the springtime. Be sure to protect your outdoor unit from natural elements and fallen debris while it is off.

Finally, simply test out your thermostat to ensure proper function. If your thermostat lags or does not reach your preferred temperature, you might need to have a professional heating and air conditioning service. The sooner you check the better! Don’t let the cold catch you off-guard!