Programmable Thermostat Benefits

pairing Programmable Thermostat with phone

The simplistic function of a programmable thermostat not only increases comfort levels inside your household, yet also saves you funds on your residence’s biggest energy cost: heating and cooling expenses. Our All-In-One Services AC and heater repair professionals explain how this tiny piece of technology even can achieve this while decreasing the effort and time you presently spend observing the temperature in your home.

Programmable Thermostat: What is it?

Are you sick of paying for cooling and heating while you’re away from your home 8+ hours a day? Tired of going back to an uncomfortable household trying to save energy? Programmable thermostats offer a solution! Made to automatically modify the temperature in your household based on a sequence of pre-programmed settings for numerous times of the day, they set you up for energy savings and comfort savings all year long.

There are a few reasons why you should consider a programmable thermostat upgrade:

  • Savings – Energy savings rapidly offset the minimal expense of upgrading to a programmable thermostat. It’s possible to save one percent of your utility bill for each degree your thermostat is set up or back, depending upon the season, over an 8-hour period!
    Simplicity – A programmable thermostat is compatible with both older and newer cooling and heating equipment, a programmable thermostat permits you to “set it & forget it” while it performs the work for you.
  • Comfort – A pre-programmed setting adjusts the temperature for when you’re asleep, away, or awake, and return temperatures to the desired degrees when necessary.
  • Control – A programmable thermostat comes in several different styles from complex to simple, and allows you the most control over comfort levels and energy use. Some also provide remote operation by internet or phone. Additionally, programmable thermostats may be manually overridden without impacting programming.

Are you searching for the ideal programmable thermostat for your household? Our team of pros at All-In-One Services are here to help with energy savings. Our licensed techs have the knowledge to decrease your energy usage and keep you and your loved ones comfortable all year long. Afterall, your energy bills should be comfortable, too.

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