Total Parts and Labor Plan

While you can’t always prevent heating and air conditioning problems, there is one common sense way to prepare for them: The TOTAL Parts and Labor Plan available from All In One Services for HVAC and central air Wilmington NC.

Complete Coverage

TOTAL Parts and Labor provides complete repair coverage of all essential component parts* of your home’s central heating and air conditioning system, including the cost of replacement parts, labor costs, and the cost of any required materials. It even includes a cost-saving annual system tune-up. (Essential component parts include the following – Compressor, Fan Motors, Heat Strips, Relays, Capacitors, Defrost Control, Thermostat and Fan Modules.)

Preferred Service

With TOTAL Parts and Labor, you can rely on preferred emergency service response whenever you need it – night or day with no additional charges for overtime and travel time. Plus, it includes unlimited service calls for all HVAC and central air Wilmington NC.

One Low Cost

The TOTAL Parts and Labor Plan truly offers TOTAL protection. For one low annual fee, your service needs will receive top priority with no additional charges on covered parts or labor – all the time, every time, and any time of the year. It’s only available from All In One Services Inc.

AGE OF SYSTEM                        ONE YEAR SERVICE

1-2 yrs                                                       $189

3-4 yrs                                                       $209

5-7 yrs                                                       $249

8-9 yrs                                                       $259

10 yrs +                                                     $289

*Fees apply to one (1) Residential unit. There is an additional cost of $149 for each additional unit. (Add $40 for any unit over 3 tons.)

† A two-year service contract may be purchased which will entitle you to a $40 discount on your second year. It will also lock in your present rate for the full two years. Simple double the applicable rate then deduct $40 from the total price.

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