Replace or Repair

Is It Time To Retire Your Old System?



(And save money doing it!)


Is your central heating and air conditioning system at retirement age?


After several years of operation, all systems tend to show their age through reduced efficiency, higher energy costs, and more frequent breakdowns requiring service. When this happens, you are faced with one of two decisions:


1. Run the system, and try and get as much life out of it as possible.


2. Replace your old unit with a new, high-efficiency system.


On the surface, the decision to hold off spending money for a new system for as long as possible seems the obvious choice. However, when all the factors are considered, it may be costing you more to continue running your existing unit. Here’s why:




If your central air system is original equipment, you probably are aware that most equipment installed in new construction homes is price oriented. This often includes the installation of a “builder’s model” heating and air conditioning system as well as a duct system that utilizes the least costly design and materials.These factors alone lead to higher frequency of breakdowns as units age, higher electric bills, and a feeling that “the heat pump blows cold air.”


In addition, aging systems lose efficiency rapidly. It is not unusual for electric bills to run as much as 30% to 40% HIGHER than normal using an aging central heating and air conditioning system that is not running at peak efficiency.There is also the additional cost for repair work necessary when your aging unit breaks down. Over a period of time, repair costs can be substantial. Worst of all, even after repairs are made, you still need a new system.


Like any appliance, sooner or later your central heating and air conditioning system will wear out, and it won’t be practical to continue repairing it – despite the size of the investment you already have in it.




When faced with high energy costs, frequent breakdown, and poor performance, the advantage of retiring your aging unit and replacing it with a new, high-efficiency unit becomes readily obvious.


First and most apparent, a new, high-efficiency unit provides greater household comfort. New units are designed to provide heating and cooling evenly throughout your home, thereby creating more comfort. You’ll also avoid the continuing series of costly repair bills necessary with your old system, and new high-efficiency units can substantially reduce your monthly electric bills.


What’s the cost? Central air system costs vary greatly. Our highly trained technicians can evaluate your home and recommend the right equipment to meet your needs. Reduced monthly utility bills and savings on repair costs can easily offset the cost of replacement. After a few years, your new unit is paid off, and these savings will actually provide a direct return on your investment.




Life expectancy for central air systems varies according to the type of unit, age, use, care, location, weather, and many other factors. Your unit could be performing normally, or it could be an added drain to your monthly budget.


All In One Services Inc. offers a thorough in-home inspection and evaluation of your current central air system, along with a comprehensive performance analysis of what you might expect with a replacement unit.


For your old central air system, it could be sooner than you think. Contact All In One Services Inc. today for more information and to arrange for a convenient system inspection.

What our customers say...

I called at 8:00 am to get a service appointment for my malfunctioning air conditioner; All-In -One had a repairman at my house at 11:00 am. The polite, well spoken, clean, tidy serviceman diagnosed and repaired my air conditioner's dead condenser in 15 minutes, and, although my air conditioner is old, the serviceman did not try to talk me into buying a new one, but instead gave me a brochure from the company offering a service and parts contract. I am delighted with the speed of the service (I'm a new customer) and the competency of the repairman. I will definitely use All-In-One again.