Learn Why Our Service Plan is Better

All In One Services Parts & labor PlanCompetitors Service Plan
This one year service plan covers “all” essential component parts of your homes central heating and air conditioning system, including Fan Motors, Capacitors, Defrost Controls, Thermostats, Freon even the Compressor and much more.Parts, if needed are typically discounted at 15% off standard rates. Even if the system is under the manufactures warranty, you are normally responsible for miscellaneous parts cost, warranty processing fees and the very expensive Freon generally required.
This service plan covers all labor required to replace the covered parts. Even if the labor is after hours or takes longer than expected, it’s covered.Labor is typically discounted at 15% off normal rates. However if it’s after hours or takes longer than expected you could be billed at significantly higher rates. In many repair situations the labor can exceed the cost of the parts and leave you with a costly repair bill.
In the event that you require repair service, this plan covers all of your service call fees. When we come to your home to diagnose your problem you will not be charged. Whether it’s daytime, nighttime or weekends, it’s covered.Typically you will be charged for a Technician to come to your home and diagnose the problem.
A yearly tune-up is included with this service plan. We will send a qualified technician to your home to thoroughly check your system, which helps prevent untimely breakdowns, prolongs the systems life and ensures that it operates at maximum efficiency. We have determined that two tune-ups per year is an overkill.Typically our competitors provide 1 – 2 tune-ups yearly on your central heating and air conditioning system.
This service plan provides “priority status” and assures prompt response to your call for service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at NO charge.Some of our competitors offer after hours services. However, cutoff times differ from company to company, and if it’s considered overtime, you will be billed Overtime Rates.