Maintenance Tips for Your Heater and Air Conditioning System

maintenance heating and air systems

Here are our top tips from the experts at All In One Services for maintenance:

  • Change the air filter on a routine basis. Check the air filter each month to set up the correct frequency for air filter replacement, replacing or cleaning your air filter at least every 3 months. This simplistic household maintenance action prevents a dingy air filter from forcing the heating and air system to run harder, which increases heating and cooling expenses and leads to excessive wear and tear.
  • Do not neglect the outdoor unit. That huge metal box outside your house serves a purpose. Be certain the outdoor unit remains clean by clearing out debris like plants, leaves, weeds, and other garbage that might build up around it. Use a broom to remove debris which has collected on the fins, as well as a hose to wash the condensing unit on occasion. Blocked airflow decreases the efficiency of the air conditioning and heating system; therefore, do not take maintenance on the outdoor unit off of your household maintenance list just because it is out of sight.
  • Keep all supply and return vents clear. Check all supply and return vents around the house to make sure they’re clear of clutter like carpets, furniture, pet hair, and any additional items that might decrease airflow and make the system run harder.
  • Keep a routine household maintenance schedule. Add taking care of your heating and cooling system to your routine schedule of household maintenance chores. Write chores on the calendar so they will not slip your mind during hectic times of life.

Add Expert Maintenance to the To-Do List

Arrange an annual expert maintenance trip as part of your household maintenance checklist. Good times to perform this include the springtime before the heat of the summertime sets in, or in autumn before temperatures dip.

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Are you overdue for an expert maintenance trip from an air conditioning and heating repair professional? Get in touch with All In One Services today at (910) 343- 1399. Correctly maintained systems are as much as 25 percent more efficient than the ones which have been neglected.