Keeping Your Central Air Unit Safe in Summer Storms

With hurricane season in full swing, you might be worried about the livelihood of your central air system. Unlike a window unit, central air systems heat and cool your entire home from a single source. Losing power is one thing, but when lightning strikes your home and your central air unit gets zapped, you could be looking at a full air conditioning unit replacement.

Remember, it is safe for you to run your central air unit during rain and thunderstorms. If the storm has resulted in flood levels that threaten the integrity of your central air unit, then you should consider disabling it. Before turning your unit back on, have it inspected by a central air professional to ensure its safety.

Lightning is the main offender when it comes to air conditioning and summer storms. When lightning strikes a home, a surge protector will save small to medium electronic devices. A piece of equipment as large as an HVAC unit will not likely benefit from surge protection. Instead, consider setting up a protection system if you are in an area with a high frequency of lightning strikes. In cases with extreme risk of lightning strike, unplug your unit to protect it.

Window air conditioning units should be turned off during severe weather. Power surges from lightning strikes can completely fry a window unit and high winds can actually force debris into the unit’s fan.

If you are unsure about what type of unit you have or how you should maintain it during severe weather, give us a call for a consultation today!