Is It Time for an HVAC System Upgrade?

An effective heating and cooling system is critical if you want to keep a comfy household environment in Wilmington NC. An older model may hamper your ability to properly cool your home. But when exactly is upgrading to a more effective HVAC system is the best course of action? Here’s a look at some of the indicators:

HVAC System Upgrade


  • Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual sounds coming from the AC system, the system might be past the point of heading for simple replacement or repair. Some parts may be replaced once they wear out, but it is likely time for a brand-new system if your existing air conditioning unit continuously makes noises after getting a tune up.

  • More Expensive Energy Bill

An abrupt rise in your utility bills means your HVAC system is likely working too hard. You should give consideration to installing a high-efficiency unit.

  • Your Heating and Cooling System Constantly Runs

It is not uncommon for your air conditioning system to run more frequently on extremely warm days. If the AC runs too frequently and is not generating cool enough air on normal days, you ought to give consideration to investing in a new unit.

  • Decrease Repair Bills With a Brand-New Heating and Cooling System

Installing a brand-new heating and cooling system is going to cut your AC repair expenses. As with an old vehicle no longer worth fixing, buying a new system helps you avoid constant repairs and future frustration, while offering better performance.

  • Reduced Energy Bills

Over a period of time, an aging HVAC system loses its energy efficiency. A newer unit results in a reduced month-to-month utility bill. You also will save money and time avoiding the consistent repair.

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