Could HVAC Zoning be Right for Your Home or Business?

HVAC Wilmington NC Zoning

Ever get frustrated with the frigid temperature of the lower level of your home or business and give your thermostat a little bump, only to find it’s now led to a sweltering hot upper level? Whether in the dead of winter or the heat of summer, if this sounds like one of your daily struggles, an HVAC zoning system could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Hot and cold spots are a common occurrence in many homes and office buildings. From the laws of physics to the angle of the sun, there can be many causes for fluctuations in temperatures. In fact, these variations are a major reason why zoning systems were created for heating and cooling systems.

How does zoning work?

Zoning allows you to divide a building into multiple “zones” where you can utilize individual controls and programming rather than set a single temperature for the entire home or office. These multi-zone systems are able to direct heating and cooling to designated areas of your home or office. A major component of the system is the zone control panel—a set of electrical controls that communicates between the thermostat, heating and air conditioning unit and dampers, which regulate duct air flow. Dampers can be used to cut off heating or cooling entirely in an unused room, or simply regulate air flow for a more controlled indoor climate. Quality zoning systems include a programmable thermostat that enables the user to designate the various temperature settings within the home or office.

Can HVAC zoning make my home more energy efficient?

Having a highly sophisticated HVAC system can not only simplify your quest for more control of your indoor air temperature but in many cases, it can save you money on energy costs! It is estimated that a properly planned and installed zoning system can save you around 30 percent on your energy bills. Ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness include setting bedrooms and any major rooms that receive direct sunlight as separate zones. At All-in-One Services, we’re happy to give guidance on how to map out your HVAC system to maximize zoning efficiency.

Many existing heating and cooling units can be transformed into a zoned system. At All-in-One, we have been one of the most trusted providers of HVAC service in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area for nearly three decades. We are fully licensed and insured and we can help ensure your heating and cooling system is providing the comfort you expect. We offer free replacement estimates and financing for new installations. If you’re seeking a better solution or simply need heating and air service in and around Wilmington, NC, call All-in-One today at 910-343-1399.