HVAC Wilmington Winter Ready

Is your HVAC Wilmington system ready for winter? By now you’ve already turned the heat on a couple of times, probably smelled some dust burning off the coils, changed the filters and maybe even had your ducts cleaned. But, are you really ready for colder weather that’s ahead? The truth is, probably not. HVAC service by a certified technician now, is the only way to prevent future problems.

What’s the Problem?

Throughout the year your HVAC unit has had to work very hard, parts will wear and tear and some connections may have become loose. A few of the HVAC components a certified technician will check are:

  • Fan Blades – these should be clean and undamaged.
  • Electrical Connections – voltage and current readings should reflect that all connections are snug.
  • Blower – checked for cleanliness and optimal airflow.
  • Heating Element – Oil and gas connections should be unblemished and checked for leaks.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, which is what your home could feel like if you put off your next service check.

Why Wait?

Imagine, your family is in town visiting for the holidays, you’re going back and forth with your in-laws over the thermostat. Sure, they’re up visiting from Florida, but 78 degrees? Unthinkable! You sneak back to change it to 67, but the inside temperature is now 63, but it is still set to 78! What’s going on? Could be a faulty connection with the thermostat? Maybe the blower is out? Either way, this is not the time you want a problem. Make the call today, schedule an appointment and avoid getting the cold shoulder this holiday season.

Stay Safe!

While oil and gas powered furnaces work perfectly under normal circumstances, they do require combustion to heat your home. While having a few strategically placed carbon monoxide detectors is a great idea, it’s important to note that depending on the manufacturer, they will only alert you once a certain amount of CO has accumulated. Ideally, no CO in your home would be preferred. Because carbon monoxide gives no warning signs, it’s a great idea to have a professional inspect your HVAC every year for any leaks.

If checking over every nut and bold and fan and vent of your HVAC system isn’t for you, turn to the pros! A professional HVAC Wilmington technician can spot any potential problems now and resolve them. Also, if safety is a concern, give us a call at All in One Services. Providing the Wilmington area with safe and reliable heat all winter long is what we do.

Peace of Mind

All in One Services is fully licensed and insured and we offer free replacement estimates and financing on new installations. If you need a new HVAC Wilmington system installed or you want to schedule service, just call us today at 910-343-1399. We also offer 24/7 heating and air conditioning repair on all systems.