HVAC system: Is it time for a replacement?

HVAC system replacedAll through the life of AC systems, we see clear indications that the time to replace an HVAC system has arrived. Here are some things that signal it could be time to change your AC system:

Over 10 years

The life of the HVAC system is ten years and after this time, a replacement ought to be considered, according to a Department of Energy report.

Rise in energy use

When utility bills significantly vary from one season to another, and no new household appliances have been added to a house, this could clue you in that it’s time to replace your air conditioning system. It’s best to invest in energy efficiency-certified equipment.

Abnormal or strange behaviors

The most common indicator that an HVAC system is about to break down can be the presence of unusual noises or sounds. They may be caused by mechanical failures or a wear of internal parts. Also a troubled or old HVAC system may be the cause of abnormal smells like mold, melted wiring, or burning dust.

HVAC system isn’t ecological

More than likely, any AC equipment over five years old, is utilizing R-22 refrigerant, and this kind of refrigerant is considered a possible threat to the environment because it has chlorine, according to the Clean Air Act. In turn, HVAC units that use R-22 were eliminated in the past 10 years.

New HVAC systems utilize an ecological refrigerant referred to as R-410A, which doesn’t have chlorine. However, it’s vital to note that the refrigerant can’t be used in equipment that’s dependent on R-22 and for that reason, the only option includes changing your HVAC system.

HVAC system doesn’t feature the Energy Star label

While it doesn’t constitute a certain pathology about defective or old systems, the truth is that if it doesn’t contain the label “Energy Star” it means that there is an absence of energy efficiency.

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