HVAC Maintenance Can Save You From an Expensive Repair

For many people in Wilmington, NC, it is not until a problem arises that they think about how their HVAC system operates. Preventative HVAC maintenance is a wise investment that can help you to avoid expensive future repairs.

Follow the Instructions
Your HVAC system comes with a manual that is likely to recommend how often the system should receive inspection and maintenance. Maintenance checks are generally suggested for the beginning of the spring and fall seasons. Your reliance on the system as well as general climate conditions will determine your maintenance needs. Your HVAC company can also remind you of your schedule when you agree to a maintenance plan.

What Your Technician Examines
During maintenance checks, your HVAC technician will look at all parts of the system — indoor as well as outdoor. Your technician will ensure for example, that:

  • Nothing is interfering with the functioning of the outdoor unit, and that there is enough clearance above and below it.
  • Fins and coils in the outdoor unit aren’t dirty or damaged.
  • The condensate drain line is not clogged.
  • Your thermostat is working properly and the filter is not dirty.
  • There are no problems with the ductwork.

You Save in the Long Term
While HVAC maintenance may seem costly at first, consider that without them you could be faced with more expensive repairs or even the need to replace parts of your system. In addition, you will be faced with higher bills from using an inefficient system. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your system. Maintenance improves system efficiency so you can save money and be more comfortable throughout the seasons.

What You Can Do
You can play a part by changing the filter as needed and taking notice if your system doesn’t seem to be working properly. Symptoms of serious problems include strange sounds or smells, or sudden changes in air temperature or airflow. It’s a good idea to follow a maintenance plan even before warning signs appear. By the time the system starts to show signs of problems, it could be too late for just a routine fix. Routine maintenance is an effective way to get ahead of potential problems.

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