HVAC: How Does it Affect the Spread of COVID-19?

COVID-19While PPE (personal protective equipment), specialized cleaning, and social distancing are top strategies for mitigating the spread pf COVID-19, As you get ready for your reopening, business owners should also give consideration to their HVAC system.

Does air ventilation and filtration decrease the spread of the coronavirus? Can recirculated air spread COVID-19? Let us explore those questions below:

Can the Coronavirus Spread Through your HVAC System?

There’s some proof that the particles may spread further when there’s an HVAC unit inside a building. There was a case inside Wuhan, China in which an asymptomatic individual was seated close to an AC vent and 9 other people contracted the coronavirus. While that might be surprising news, it won’t translate to your structure.

Do All Structures Have the Exact Same Concerns?

All structures are different. The issues that a dining establishment patron might have will be different than a school, office building, or store in which there are social distancing policies. The case of the dining establishment patron happened without social distancing policies. It will help to have your HVAC updated on all filtration systems and repairs. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), they recommend that you utilize outdoor air as much as you can to circulate through your building. Building managers may open doors and windows to assist with circulation.

How Important is Fresh Air?

Fresh air is critical! The fresher the air you can get to enter your structure, the better. A forced air system isn’t dangerous; however, you want to search for methods of flushing the air as frequently as you can in areas in which there aren’t any occupants. While there still are some questions in regard to which kinds of filters will help with the spread of COVID-19, higher MERV rates upon HVAC filters are better.

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