How to Save Money on Cooling Costs

HVAC Wilmington NC Cooling

Sure, the summers in and around Wilmington NC get extra hot and humid, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune to keep comfortable! By making some changes in your home’s air conditioning unit, you’ll likely see a few less dollars flying out of your ducts. Here’s a look at air conditioning tips that will help keep your cooling costs down this summer.

Set Your Thermostat Higher

Fight the urge to bump your thermostat to drastically low levels. A common misconception is that by lowering the temperature, your home will cool faster. Setting your thermostat at a higher, but still comfortable temperature in the summer can really pay off. When you keep the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures as similar as possible, you will lower your overall cooling costs. Also, be sure to only use humidity control if necessary, as this requires the air conditioning unit to work harder.

Utilize Fans

Interior fans work well with window air conditioner units. These do a great job assisting with spreading cool air through the home without substantially increasing your power use. Utilizing fans overnight, when the air temperature cools, is another great way to keep cooling costs low. Both methods help decrease the amount of time your main system is is in use, which can lead to big savings.

Properly Position Your Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is away from items that give off heat, such a windows. Windows can let in large amounts of sunlight, which of course radiates heat. Lamps or lighting along with TVs are also notorious for giving off additional heat. This can cause cause your system to kick on more frequently and drive up your monthly electricity bill.

Make Sure Filters are Clean

Clean air filters mean less stress for your cooling system. When air filters are filthy, the system has to work harder to draw in air. Not only can this increase your energy bill, but the additional burden on your system can also increase the likelihood of other issues developing over time.

It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do to help increase efficiency of your HVAC system. Following these air conditioning tips can help you keep your cooling costs down this summer. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can also help you save money by preventing untimely breakdowns, prolonging the system’s life and ensuring it operates at maximum efficiency. At All In One Services, we offer an HVAC Service Plan that includes regular maintenance and other benefits. If your air conditioning unit needs maintenance or repairs please contact us right away or give us a call. One of our professionals will arrive promptly and get your house to a comfortable climate again.