How to Increase Airflow to Your Two Story Home

Why Is Your Second Story Hotter Than Your Ground Floor?

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Hot air rises, and that is an important factor within a typical HVAC issue: a second story that is hotter than its first floor. However, it isn’t the only factor, and an assessment of your HVAC system and home might help you relieve this uncomfortable and costly summertime issue.

Let us look into some of the additional key factors that may trigger this problem:

Your Treeline

It is not a factor with all houses; however, if your multi-story property is surrounded by younger trees, you might be getting a lot of shade protection on the ground floor windows and a lot of sunlight coming in upstairs.

As you wait for those young trees to grow, think about upgrading the window treatments on the upstairs windows and keeping them shut more frequently. Heavy drapes, blackout curtains, and reflective shades will make a huge difference in blocking out undesired daytime heat.

Your AC

Replacing the AC is a huge expense, but it also is inevitable when you are a homeowner. The average life of an AC unit is fifteen to twenty years, and with each year of usage, the AC unit loses a bit of its efficiency. If your system is primed for replacing and you are sizzling in your 2nd story, it might be that the system just cannot keep up anymore. Though, you ought to have a full inspection from an HVAC tech to be sure, as there are additional possible causes.

The Ductwork

The farther the AC is from the upper floor, the more ductwork it must pass to reach it. Plus, if that duct network is full of leaks and gaps, most of that cool air will get lost before reaching the rooms upstairs.

Over time, leaky ductwork may develop; however, it is most commonly associated with substandard installation. Ductwork joints shouldn’t only be securely bolted together; they also should be sealed using a compound referred to as mastic to make sure the treated air does not leak out. They also should be insulated for maximum energy efficiency.

Discovering which one of the above factors is impacting your comfort might be easier said than done. If you require assistance in finding the solution, contact All In One Services right away!