How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

AC repair services : hand pushing AC button

With the humidity and high temps, summers can be sweltering in the south! One thing’s for sure – you can bet your air conditioning system works hard during the summertime around here. Thankfully, there are things you can do inside your Wilmington, NC home that can contribute to your comfort and assist your air conditioner. At the top of the list – keeping heat out and ensuring air is moving can help make you more comfortable indoors.

  • Close Curtains

Open up the curtains on the north and west side of your home in the morning. When the sun moves over and noon starts, shut the curtains on the west then open the ones on the east. It is possible to appreciate natural light within the warmest part of the summertime, but it is better to avoid direct sun to decrease buildup of heat.

Programmable thermostats will permit you to set certain temperature objectives for overnight and during the warmest time of the day. Even better, it’s possible to customize it to ensure that you are a little cooler and more comfortable as you spend more time in the home.

  • Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Maintained

When you air condition is working hard, like in the month of August, the chances of it encountering a snag are much higher. It’s a great idea to set up a service agreement for routine maintenance so you won’t just lessen a breakdown risk in the warmest part of the season. Plus, you will place your home at the top of the repair checklist if something goes wrong.

  • Use Fans

When you keep air moving inside the home, it feels colder. It is vital to note that fans cannot really cool the air’s temperature. However, they can cool your skin’s temperature. So, set the ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise and utilize smaller fans that keep air moving along the floor.

Keeping your loved ones comfortable can be easier with an excellent team on your side. All in One Services has been working to keep Wilmington, NC residents and their houses cool for decades.

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