How To Decrease Your Energy Bill

electric bill

If you almost experienced a heart attack when you looked at your most recent energy bill, you aren’t alone. As your AC repair professionals in Wilmington, we’ll be covering some energy-saving tips in today’s post.

Keep Vents Clean and Open

Some folks think that shutting vents may decrease energy intake by preventing the necessity to heat or cool a certain room, but that actually is a myth: shutting vents actually raises your energy expenses. So, keeping those vents open actually keeps more cash in your pocket!

Do Not Use Heat to Dry Dishes

In order to do a complete job of washing the dishes, the dishwasher requires a bit of heat. But, to dry the dishes, heat is not needed and may be very costly. The “heated dry” setting will help prevent water spots on the dishes, but so will rinsing agents such as Jet Dry. If you already utilize a rinsing solution, it’s possible to turn off your heated dry setting.

Conduct A Nightly Electricity Sweep

To decrease energy usage, perform a nightly sweep through the house to ensure that all your electronic devices are shut off before going to bed. This may be a pain, but in reality, it does not take too long and can save you a significant amount of cash over time.

Invest in A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is pretty standard technology nowadays; however, many apartment buildings and homes still do not offer them. The convenience of programmable thermostats is that they automatically set the target temperature higher within the summertime and lower within the wintertime when you or your loved ones are not home.

Upgrade Appliances

While your televisions and entertainment systems may be state-of-the-art, many houses around the US are still using outdated appliances. Buying energy-efficient, modern appliances isn’t cheap; however, there are a fair number of local and state governments as well as electric companies which provide financial incentives for owners to upgrade their household appliances.

Usually, those incentives take the form of rebate checks for owners who are able to give proof of purchase; so, be sure to keep your receipt available.

Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance With All In One

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