How is Elon Musk Revolutionizing HVAC Systems?

Revolutionizing HVAC Systems


You are likely familiar with Elon Musk, whether you know him from being the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX or Tesla, or, from his pledge to assist in creating ventilators in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Did you Elon Musk has his eye on HVAC systems now?

That’s right! Last March, the innovator tweeted that he’d ‘love to do home HVAC that is quiet and efficient, with HEPA filter and humidity control.’

Personally, we would enjoy hearing more details about what Musk means, particularly because Carrier systems already meet that qualification! For instance, Carrier AirQuest ACs utilize the most quiet scroll compressors, plus with a 16.5 SEER rating, it is among the most efficient in the marketplace. As a matter of fact, it may save users up to 50 percent on their average yearly heating bill vs. the national average.

But what about humidity control that ensures your family feels really comfortable in your house? On dry days, you may find yourself asking: why does the furnace operate overtime? Well, that’s because dry air is less efficient in keeping in heat than moist air is!

These are concepts Musk understands, and that’s why look forward to information on the home HVAC system he’d design.

Another thing we’re curious about hearing is Musk’s strategy to make an automobile which works with an HVAC system! What does Elon mean by this?

Your HVAC system and your vehicle would have the ability to talk with each other, and know precisely when you are going to arrive home, in order for it to set the temperature at the right time before you arrive home. Similar to a smart thermostat! Elon Musk also came up with the concept to utilize the condensation generated by HVAC systems to create recycled, clean water!

Without a doubt there are some brilliant ideas here, and if Musk ever launches an efficient HVAC system that pairs with Tesla products, you can bet we’ll be following the news!

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