Heating Repair

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Is your heater not keeping you warm on a cold night? Are you feeling like a polar vortex when you need your house to be comfortable and cozy instead? Don’t suffer through a cold spell in Wilmington NC with a furnace that does not work properly.

If you are experiencing problems getting the temperature correct in your house, it is time to call in the professionals for heating repairs. Our NATE-certified techs have seen all types of heating problems after serving the Wilmington NC area since 1989, and we are dedicated to offering comfort solutions that last.

We Will Be There Within One Hour of a Call!

We are dedicated to effective and fast heating and AC service around the clock. We are confident that our HVAC professionals can resolve your furnace problem quickly; however, if the issue persists, we will come back to repair it free of charge. We have the supplies and tools to get the furnace back to working normally. From heating service to air conditioning repair, All In One Services has you covered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

When to Contact All In One Services for Furnace Repair in Wilmington NC

If the furnace you own is experiencing issues, do not hesitate to give us a call for your heating repair needs. We know that you might want to wait to see if the issue repairs itself; however, furnaces do not just repair themselves! The longer one waits, the more probable it is that more damage is being done to the system, which makes your replacement or repairs more expensive. Reasons you may want to contact us for furnace repairs involve:

  • Odor emitting from vents as the heater initially turns on. If you reside inside an old building, it is natural to smell some usual things deriving from the vents. However, the odor when the heater turns on ought to be barely noticeable.
  • Heater not blowing hot air. Do not tolerate that! If the filter has been recently changed, it might be an issue with either the furnace itself or with leaking ducts. Either way, it is an issue!
  • Inconsistent temps between rooms. The whole house ought to be the temperature specified on the thermostat. If you own a larger home, you might want to look at zoning.
  • Higher-than-normal utility bills. Your utility bills should not vary all that much. If your utility bills keep climbing steadily, either you have a thermostat-meddling kid, or the system is getting less efficient.
  • Stuffy or cold rooms. Every room in your house ought to be the temperature specified. If the ductless systems are not cutting it or are causing stuffy rooms, it is time to call the pros.

While handling a broken furnace, leaky gas is a safety hazard. It is vital that you take precautions and have a pro deal with repairs immediately.

What If Heating Repair Is Not Sufficient?

Whether you merely need a dirty, clogged filter replaced to get the system returned to normal or it turns out that the system is at the end of its lifespan, our HVAC installation professionals will help.  For more information about our heating repair in Wilmington NC contact All In One Services today at (910) 343-1399.

Our highly trained heating repair technicians can fix virtually any problem you may have with your heating system