Heating by Night and Cooling by Day: Wilmington in the Fall


Fall in Wilmington can be a finicky few months. The days can feel like mid-summer and the nights require bundling up for an outing. Switching back and forth from heating to cooling often is very unhealthy your home AC unit. Here are a few ways to maintain a stable temperature in your home throughout the weeks of Wilmington’s autumn.


  1. Keeping your blinds closed when the sun is shining powerfully will prevent your home from getting too hot during the day. Likewise, if the temperature is mild enough to keep windows and blinds open, opt for the natural airflow through your home and turn your AC unit off. This will save you money on your energy bill so you can feel better about turning it on when absolutely necessary!
  2. Windows with seal leaks can make your home drafty during those chilly autumn nights. It can also push all your hard-earned cool air out the window, keeping your home above your preferred climate. Before temperatures drop, check to see if your windows are properly sealed up. If not, you could be throwing money out the window on your heating bill!
  3. Some homes have a gas or wood burning fireplace of which you can take advantage on extra cold evenings. This will cost you practically nothing on your energy bill, while keeping your whole home warm for just the night. The heat typically dissipates in time so that your home will be comfortable in the warmer mornings as well. This is a great option for those random nights throughout autumn in North Carolina that get extra cold.
  4. If you prefer to run your heating and cooling system all day, try to keep it at a consistent temperature all 24 hours. Having your heating and cooling system serviced before any big seasonal transition is always recommended. It is worth the check up to avoid waking up in the middle of the night with your home temperature plummeting!


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