Four Common Problems with an HVAC System

common hvac problems wilmington nc

Winter has officially arrived in Wilmington, and it is critical to be prepared when it concerns your HVAC system. Even though you might not be faced with frozen pipes, there are a plethora of other issues you may need to contend with. Below we list four problems you may be faced with this winter.

Dirty Filters

Has it been quite some time since you turned the heater on? You may have to replace your furnace filters. We frequently change them when your system gets its annual service; however, they must be checked every month. Filters must be replaced every 3 months if you own pets. If your heating isn’t consistent, this might be the issue.

HVAC System Hasn’t Been Serviced

If you haven’t had a technician out to service your system, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Part of maintaining the HVAC system is getting it maintained each year. Having a tech check your system also can diagnose problems you might not realize you have. Fall is an excellent time to get this done, because it’s possible to catch problems before they lead to uncomfortable issues in the wintertime. However, it is never too late to have the system serviced.

Heat Loss

Heat loss might be due to multiple problems. A faulty compressor, heat pump, or refrigerant lines might be to blame. It is better to call a pro to check this one out because heat loss might be a sign of bigger issues.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Faulty furnaces might trigger carbon monoxide leaks. Notorious for being a silent killer, the odorless gas is sometimes impossible to detect until it has impacted you with nausea, headaches, or worse. Due to its harmful side effects, it’s recommended to put carbon monoxide detectors all throughout your house. One good rule includes checking them each time you get the furnace serviced.

All in One is dedicated to ensuring you have the most comfortable and efficient winter you can. We’re glad to come to repair or service your furnace or heat pump by offering a tune-up, before the summer or winter months. Contact us at (910) 343-1399 to arrange your maintenance.