Questions & Answers | FAQ’s

Does this contract cover such parts as fan motors and compressors?

Yes. It covers all the essential component parts of your home's central air conditioning system, including: compressors, fan motors, heat strips, relays, capacitors, defrost control, thermostats, fan modules, etc.

Is your service department on call nights and weekend?

We will provide you with excellent service 24 hours a day, including weekends. We like our service technicians to have time with their families on holidays. We are closed only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

How important is it to have an Energy Saving Tune-Up performed on my central unit each year?

It's very important, it helps prevent untimely breakdowns, prolongs the system's life, and ensures that it operates at maximum efficiency. It also saves a lot of energy dollars.

In the event I sell my house, is the service contract transferable to the new owner?

Yes, with a nominal charge.

Will All In One Services cover any heating and air conditioning system regardless of the age?

Yes, we will cover any AC repair Wilmington NC no matter how old it is, if it is in good condition. This will be determined when our technician performs the initial energy-saving tune up.