Duct sanitizing: What is it?

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If you’re concerned with the air quality in your house, duct cleaning might be an excellent option for your loved ones. With duct cleaning, pros go after the most common contaminants inside your ducts that might impact the health of your family. And in some instances, it’s possible to get duct sanitizing for more protection against viruses and bacteria.

Duct sanitizing is the final measure in duct cleaning, and it’s completely optional. In some instances, duct cleaning is already enough. Techs use high-pressure vacuums and agitators to knock debris loose from the duct’s lining then suck it up. They will utilize professional inspection equipment to ensure the job was properly completed. And lastly, some businesses ask clients whether they’d also like duct sanitizing.

With duct sanitizing, our professionals utilize an EPA-approved cleaning solution to further eliminate microbes and additional contaminants from the air ducts. There are few products available that are approved for this by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), which is the reason why it is vital to choose the proper company for this project.

Do you really need duct sanitizing?

The truth is that not every house will need duct sanitizing. We typically suggest this service only to our clients who suffer from allergies, asthma, or serious immune disorders. You might make the decision to add duct cleaning on at the end of your service for that reason, or you might opt to if the level of dust in the ducts was especially high. The choice is yours; however, remember that this procedure is safe for your house and the air you breathe. But at this point, we can just sanitize sheet metal ducts, as there isn’t any approved procedure for fiber duct board.

When you determine it is time to arrange duct cleaning in Wilmington, pick a company that utilizes the right methods and tools and who provides you the choice to add duct sanitizing. Not all companies offer this valuable service; therefore, place your trust in All In One Services. Call our skilled indoor air quality crew today at (910) 343-1399.