Don’t Suffer With Indoor Air!

Indoor air quality

The chill is in the air, and it is only going to get colder now for the next several months. So what do we do? We seal up the windows, put draft barriers down, order up all the best binge-watching shows on Netflix and huddle up for the long winter freeze of course! ..but do you ever wonder about the quality of your indoor air?

Here’s a fun fact. During the winter, we’re more likely to breathe recycled, stale, and allergen-ridden inside air! So before you utter “winter is coming”, you need to a few DIY prep steps to maximize the air quality in your home.

You could call a professional HVAC tech to install special filtration and UV light systems designed to purify your indoor air, we certainly offer those services here at All In One, but for now, let us share three simple things to help you, help yourself.

  1. Make sure your vents and registers are dust free. A quick inspection should reveal any lurking dust bunnies, spider webs (they collect dust like magnets) and stuck on grime. Use a flexible duster or wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Wipe your ceiling fan blades. Just like those dusty vents, ceiling fans can circulate dust and allergens around the house. Most big box stores sell extendable fan dusters, and while you’re cleaning them, flick the switch to reverse the motor. This will create an updraft and circulate warm air trapped at the ceiling. You may even be able to lower your thermostat and save a few bucks without giving up comfort.
  3. Replace all your HVAC filters. Sounds like common sense, but so many forget to do this regularly and wonder why they have a runny nose all winter. These filters trap allergens, but they need to be thrown out, otherwise every time your HVAC kicks on, the sudden blast can release a ton of dust, mites and allergens that were stuck in the filters.

If you would like to learn more about professional duct sanitizing or advanced systems for purifying your indoor air, like disinfecting with UV light, click here or call All In One Services. And in the meantime, get a jump on spring cleaning with a little winter cleaning at the outset of the heating season. Your sinuses and lungs will thank you! Now grab that remote and settle in for the marathon Game of Thrones© binge … after all, we did say “Winter Is Coming”.