Cool Tips for Choosing the Best Heating and Air System

Doesn’t it seem like Wilmington’s summers get hotter and more humid every year? If we didn’t have air conditioning, we’d be in trouble. Unfortunately, summer is also the time of year when you’re most important piece of comfort-producing equipment often decides to give you problems.

If you’re looking to replace or have a new air conditioning system installed in your home, then choosing the right one is important not only for your home’s comfort level, but for your utility bills as well. Here, All in One Heating and Air Wilmington NC shares some tips on how to choose the right air conditioning system for your home.

Replace the Compressor or the Entire System?

In some cases, it may be possible to replace just the compressor (the unit that’s located outside the home) if the homeowner is looking to save money right now. This is only possible as long as the compressor matches the indoor HVAC unit. With recent changes in refrigerants and air conditioning equipment designs, it may be wiser to just replace the entire unit if your budget allows. This will ensure your inside equipment fully matches your outdoor equipment and as a result, your system will run more efficiently and effectively. 

My AC System is Only 10 Years Old, Does It Need Replaced?

As long as the system is running efficiently, then you probably just need routine service. But, keep in mind that today’s air conditioning systems use as much as 50% less energy than models built in the 1970s. Therefore, if you choose to replace your ten year old system, you could enjoy an energy savings of up to 40% with a new system.

What is SEER?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio and every air conditioning system built today comes with a numerical rating. The equipment’s SEER number indicates the relative amount of energy it needs in order to provide a specific cooling output. The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the unit is. Older systems have SEER ratings of 6 or lower. In order for a unit to bear the Energy Star label, it needs to be rated 13 SEER or higher.

What Else is Important in a Quality Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning systems are available in a wide variety of styles from many different manufacturers, so they can often offer a great degree of different features and options. But, at the least, a quality AC system should feature the following:

  • A thermal expansion valve and a high-temperature rating (EER) greater than 11.6
  • A variable speed air handler for new ventilation systems
  • Quiet operation
  • A fan-only switch
  • A filter check light
  • An automatic-delay fan switch

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