Air Conditioning Tips For Your Home

Air Conditioning Tips

Save money this year by making some changes in your home’s air conditioning unit. We know the summers down south get extra warm and the humidity hits full force by May. Take some of these air conditioning tips and use them to keep costs down this summer!

Air Conditioning Tips | Saving Money On Air Conditioning | Digital thermostat with finger pressing button to lowering the temperature

  • Set your thermostat at a higher, but still comfortable temperature in the summer. Only use humidity control if necessary, as this does require the air conditioning unit to work harder. As you may guess,  keeping the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures as similar as possible will lower your overall cooling bill month to month. This tip alone may save you a few hundred dollars this summer!
  • Keep you air conditioner set at a specific temperature and resist the urge to make it lower. A common misconception is that by lowering the temperature, you’re home will be cool faster. In fact, lowering the temperature may result in excessive cooling adding to the monthly expense.
  • Interior fans work well with window air conditioner units and allow the cooler air to spread through the home without substantially increasing your power use.
  • Keep items that give off heat away from the thermostat. Most commonly this is lamps or lighting along with TVs. It may cause excessive cooling and drive up your monthly electricity bill.

These air conditioning tips can save you a good chunk of money when all is said and done allowing you to enjoy your summer time and save some extra dime. For more air conditioning efficiency tips, check out our efficient air conditioning systems article.

If your air conditioning unit needs maintenance or repairs please contact us right away or give us a call. One of our professionals will arrive promptly and get your house to a comfortable climate again.