5 Simple Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill

Even in cold winter months, you can lower your heating bill (and still stay cozy and warm). Here are 5 simple things you can do to start saving now. 

  1. Get A Programmable Thermostat
    With a programmable thermostat; you can lower your heating bill by automatically turning the temperature down while you are away at work or sleeping at night. You may end up saving 10% (or more) on your heating bill.
  2. Keep Heat Registers Open And Clear
    To heat your home, heat registers need a clear path. Check to ensure heat vents are open. There may be furniture obstructing heat registers which will cause warm air to become trapped. Consider rearranging your furniture to improve air flow. You can consider this a heat savings makeover.
  3. Take Advantage Of Direct Sunlight
    Use the sun to your homes heating advantage. Open your curtains and blinds! Even when it’s freezing outside, direct sunlight will provide a nice source of warmth in your home and reduce the amount of time your furnace needs to run.
  4. Get A Furnace Tune-up
    While there is an upfront cost for a furnace tune-up, it will actually save you money over time. The tune-up will include preventative maintenance and ensure your system is running efficiently. Regular tune-ups help ensure your furnace is not working harder than it has to in order to keep your home comfortable. Additionally, it can prevent the need for costly repairs by identifying issues early on.
  5. Keep Warm Air Locked In
    Lock your windows and doors! When you lock your windows and doors, you will notice the window or door is now pushing together more tightly. This will help keep warm air in and cold air out. Not to mention, keeping your windows and doors locked will also secure your home.

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