4 HVAC Wilmington NC Tips for Keeping a Summer Home Cool

Summertime in Wilmington NC is a hot and humid affair. That’s why its beaches are so widely popular this time of year. But, when you’re at home, you want to sit in the sublime comfort of the cooling air that’s provided by your HVAC system. And nothing can be worse than when your air conditioning system isn’t working as expected.

If your home’s interior isn’t feeling as cool as it should be, try these four simple tips for keeping your home cool in summer from All in One HVAC Wilmington NC.

#1 – Check and Replace Dirty Air Filters

You should change your air filter anywhere between 1 and 3 months, with the former being preferable and the latter being the absolute maximum you should allow between changes. First, a clogged air filter could cause  damage to your system. So, if you check your air filter’s condition regularly, you ensure the longevity of your system. Second, changing the air filter in your system ensures cleaner, fresher, and healthier cooling air. This is better for everyone in your home, particularly children and the elderly, and most especially for those suffering from allergies and/or asthma. Third, aside from protecting the HVAC system from unnecessary damage, cleaning out or changing a clogged air filter will also save you a significant amount on operating costs.

#2 – Keep the Area Around the Outdoor Clean

Keeping the area around your furnace and air conditioner clean will reduce dirt and debris buildup inside the units, as well as protect these appliances from accidental damage. You should check and clear the area around your outdoor air conditioner condenser on a regular basis, particularly after storms or windy days. Clear away any debris and trim back landscaping to protect the unit from damage.

#3 – Don’t Fuss With the Thermostat

If you turn your thermostat down the moment you walk in from outside, all you’re doing is making your system work harder because it will take a while before you notice the cooling effect since your body is already heated. Instead, set your thermostat at your desired indoor temperature and leave it there. You will eventually cool off and your home will once again feel comfortable.

#4 – Use Window Shades

If you have eastern- and western-facing windows, then they allow sunlight into the home during the morning and afternoons and this can really heat your interior up, despite the AC running constantly. Using window shades on these windows will help prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating your home’s interiors and this will help make your home cooler and more comfortable – and your HVAC system won’t be constantly kicking on.

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