2020’s New Refrigerant Laws to Know

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Refrigerant laws likely are not the highest on your checklist when it pertains to the legislation followed each year; however, they should be!

R22 Law

R22 refrigerant is now being phased out. And why is that?

As early as the 70s, the EPA knew that R22 was as bad for our environment as HCFC, the toxic substance it replaced.

R22 isn’t in any way bad to breathe or harmful for you, so long as its exposure is limited. However, we’re complying with government agencies as they eliminate R22 because, although it isn’t bad for you, it is bad for the ozone layer.

What’s next?

R-410A is a much safer refrigerant choice. If you have the desire to know a little bit more about its science, older refrigerants utilize chlorine or bromine, whereas R-410A only contains fluorine, and that is the reason why it does not eat away at the sky’s ozone! Also, it decreases the power intake of your unit, meaning that if you use a high-SEER-rating, high-efficiency system, you will have to utilize R-410A refrigerant. Plus, you also will be saving money and energy in the process!

However, you might be wondering, “Wait just a minute! I currently have R22 inside my system!”

Although you cannot use R22 in repairs and maintenance anymore, the system may be changed over from an R22 system over to an R-410A system.

This is not something you’ll want to do on your own, though! You must have the ability to replace the compressor, evaporator, and condenser with versions which may operate with R-410A. You even may have to replace your unit’s copper lines if they will not have the ability to deal with the higher pressure and power of R-410A; however, that isn’t true in all cases.

What’s true in all cases is that you need to hire a pro to switch the system over, or entirely replace the R22 system.

In fact, it is actually illegal for an individual to purchase refrigerant if they aren’t certified. But that’s where our expert team comes in.

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